Happy Chinese New Year!

All right! Like the French revolutionary calendar, but with animals!

The first beast could be the simplest for simple two-legged types to keep, the bimac. :octopus:

Proposals for the next month/year/installment? :tentacle:

Jan: Bimac
Feb: Vulgaris
Mar: Cuttle
Apr: Giant Squid
May: Humbolt
Jun: Vampyro
Jul: Haliphron atlanticus
Aug: Titanites
Sept: Nautilus
Oct: Colossal Squid
Nov: GPO
Dec: Fire fly squid

2005: belemnit
2006: blue ring
2007: ammonite
2008: histio
2009: nautiloid
2010-2017: ?
Dunno anymore since I need 24 different cephs. And the months and years MUST follow the 12 year cycle.
Happy New Year! We were in LA's Chinatown, were danced upon by lions, and bought Wu-Fu pillows. It's my year as well. Very nice.
chrono_war01 said:
Another year has passed, time to dig this up again!
Happy Chinese New Year, folks!

Gung Hay Fat Choy (or however that's supposed to be spelled!)


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