Happy Birthday Um...!

:madsci: :band: Happy b'day Sir Dr Ummmm.......

Unfortunately (for me) I'm only 45% compatible with our Lord and Master. Sigh. Guess I'm toast.
Oddly enough, the tally had run down to -8,913,771,240,016 before Internet Explorer experienced a 'critical error' and the computer froze. Go figure. :roll:

Many Happy Returns, :canada: !!!

:party: ... :goofysca:
Tintenfisch said:
Many Happy Returns, :canada: !!!

Thanks! We're in the heavy part of income tax season here. Is it just a coincidence that you chose that phrase, :twisted:, or are you just that sharp?

Funny, the date I tried resulted in an astounding level of physical compatibility betwixt Neil and your splendid self. Perhaps I mistyped the year?

85-78-65 for 76 total......

Kill me now....

on the plus side, an overall 87% with cindy crawford, including a 100 on physical.... now just to get rid of that pesky husband and kids....
Seem suspicious to anyone else that the results can vary by at least 47% in two consecutive assessments of the same date? Or perhaps I mistyped the year... ? :roll:
Happy birthday dude! I wouldn't wish ND on anyone though...yikes.
Anywho, hope you have a great day!
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