Happy Birthday, Mr. Octopus


Dec 22, 2004
Mr. Octopus' first birthday was this Sunday, August 5th. So far he's summered surprisingly well, seemingly unfazed by the heat (knock on wood!), still eating a fiddler crab every night and spraying me with water whenever I try to give him one.


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A very Happy Birthday to Mr. Octopus! He looks like he knows how to celebrate! :birthday:

That means that all of Zyan Silver's octopuses are having a birthday - how many are still with us?
Happy Birthday to you all!

...not often we get to celebrate octopus birthdays, so :birthday: Mr. Octopus!

Definitely excellent photos. Not sure there was ever a photo of an octopus birthday party prior to this one.

What did you base the birthday on? Hatched date? Received date?
Mr. Octopus thanks everyone for the well wishes.

Zyan mentioned Mr. O's hatching date in another thead. He was over six months old when
he arrived, so I don't think we can expect him to be around to celebrate his anniversary. Given the recent temperatures I'm very surprised he's still alive today!
It varies substantially. Our new house doesn't have an air conditioner so I ventilate the house with box fans in the windows at night and shut everything up for the day. On a real hot day the tank might get into the low 80s, but a cool dry night will bring it back down to 70. There's a good sized fan going over the sump at all times to promote evaporative cooling. The tank stays quite a bit below room temperature.

I believe Zyan has a chiller on his system. If that's correct, I think its having a big impact on Mr. O's lifespan.
Hi everybody. I have 23 octopuses left. One is kept at room temp, 19 at 65 deg and 3 at 59 deg. I am waiting for eggs. It is possible that there might be eggs in one of the dens(cups and vases and other assorted narrow mouth containers). I'll check this weekend. Yes it is the one year mark, and we celebrated much like Dan and Mr. Octopus. They hatched August 5-12,2007. 125 hatchlings. In about a week I'll be signing off and my dad will be picking up the project. I'll put together a few current pics soon. Zy
Happy Birthday to all of them!

Very interesting, you have 23 left, all exactly the same age, and you're keeping them in three different temperature groups. It will be interesting to see whether those kept at lower temperatures outlive the room temperature bimacs.


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