Happy Birthday Clem!

Gosh, what a whirlwind year for Clem...gets a new keyboard, becomes moderator, and has another birthday!!!! :biggrin2:
Happy Birthday Dude! Hope you had a great party!!!
Thanks, all.

As it went, I spent the day in rehearsals for the play I'm appearing in, but I did hoist two pints of the Irish stuff to mark the occasion. Sadly, the hoped for Architeuthis stranding on a local beach did not occur. The flurry of jellyfish almost made up for it. (Memo to self: next time I relate a phobia, make it something actually very pleasant, like Mia Kirshner. I'm deeply phobic about her. Don't send pictures. Can't stand her.)


Don't tell me...you are going to play the female lead in "Gone with the Wind" !! :biggrin2:

Hehe...glad you had a few minutes for a bit of bitters...I had a few in celebration for you also, so you got that going for ya!

Not even gonna speculate where that "Gone With The Wind" comment came from...must have been that O. digueti venom.

Ah crap, I just speculated, didn't I?