guess i should formally introduce myself!


Nov 28, 2004
my name is jessica... jesska is my nickname.. but i just joined yesterday (obviously) and am presenting myself to octosociety! Im a senior in highschool, but i am incredibly interested in biology, and more specifically zoology... even more specifically: marine zoology. I often find myself watching documentaries on the accomplishments that scientists have had in this field, and as i go off to college i will decide whether or not i want to follow the road that they lead. It is my dream to do so, and i will try my hardest to do just that.

So... if there is anything that you want to ask or know, i am incredibly open so ask away! I love it here by the way... did i mention that? :wink2:
Re: guess i should formally introduce myself!

jesska said:
I love it here by the way... did i mention that? :wink2:

:welcome: there Jessica; it's a great site and we're happy to have you here.
jesska: welcome from another new person. i wish you the best of luck in your studies. there is so much yet to discover and i am hoping you will be one of those who do.

best wishes

atticus finch
thanks guys... its so welcoming here! I would like to ask what occupations you guys occupy. Are the lot of you guys scientists, or mostly just fans of the many armed? I need some advice from any who are of the scientist variety on how i achieve this, and what i should do as i enter college. Any takers?

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