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Blue Ring
Feb 6, 2008
Not me, him.

We've had him almost two months, and he's damn funny. He is not shy, preferring to hang out at the front top corner of the tank rather than under a rock (the other day I walked into the room to see him on the back wall of the tank, he noticed me come in and he made his way back to the front) With that said, god forbid you try to interact if he's not in the mood. Just in the last few days he's started to use his siphon more and more to tell the pesky humans to go away, to much amusement from the pesky humans. Note that he doesn't change colour, ink or run away - just showers vigorously and goes back to 'sleep'.

Just now I copped an eyeful for daring to offer him a piece of fresh wild scallop in a stick. He pulled it off the stick, flung it as far across the tank as he could and then siphoned at me. And then went and tried to pull the brittle star off the back wall.