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Jul 1, 2008
hey everybody,

joined up a few days ago, but ive been following the forums for a few months now. im really impressed with this site and im glad i get to be a part of it!

currently i do not own any aquarium of any kind, but in a few years i would very much like to invest the money for some cuttlefish. im drawn most to the squids, and i love the feeling of not knowing what else is down there, and in a way i want to keep it like that. deep ocean is the biggest least explored frontier left on earth.

as for me personally, i have many hobbies, including target archery (its a lot more demanding than most people think, and yes, it is very much so a sport), and since im sure ceph lovers are also looked at as weird a lot, i have no embarrassment here saying my biggest hobby in life (and future career, i hope) lies in a species of snake known in latin as morelia viridis, and in common english as the green tree python! definitely one of my favorite things in the world....

im also an outdoors loving person, and i like my outdoors raw and hardcore... i hate when i see people tainting this world which we all must live in, which i want to be as clean and free of people (wild) as it can be.

as for my residence, my wild side comes from colorado, my home state where i live all year except for the summers in which i always spend with my family in spain (half spaniard). im currently in madrid, but i travel around a bunch, so i know my country well. also, this year from december to may i will be living in beijing, which will be very interesting. if anyone knows anything about ceph type stuff on that part of the world, please let me know!

so in all, im glad to be here, and i know ill enjoy this forum for as long as im with it, and i hope to learn a lot!!!

best regards,
lucas :coffee:
:welcome: to TOMO Lucas!

Spain seems to have a very active research community working on octopus aquaculture and also alternative energy. Sounds like a fun place to live!

Colorado is a blast -- I have family in Durango and looking for aquamarine on Mt. Antero is one of my favorite summertime activities!

Welcome, you'll find that there are quite a few herpers on this site, too !

Have to love green tree of my favourites, for sure. We breed snakes here too, right now, lemon ball pythons and albino X flame garter snakes.

Wait to you hear from all the others ! :bugout:

thanks for the welcome guys!!

i was hoping there might be a few herpers on here! if you ask me, someone who loves cephs but has a crazy fear of snakes is just a little crooked! lol! there kinda similar in the way that most people look down on them as slimy and ugly and vile, but it takes awkward people like us to really love and accept them!!

albino x flame garters, sounds pretty wicked! working on building up my chondro collection, and im getting my next designer from lord walder in august... i cant wait!

colorado is nice in the summer, but i hate the cold. australias where i wanna be, but who knows when that will happen!:lol:

in the Mediterranean ive seen octopus and loads of squid boats, but id love to actually swim with some cuttles, that i cant even imagine!

happy 4th of july over there! and thanks for the replies!
:welcome: to Tonmo! Interesting life you're leading. I love Spain, and would love to spend more time there. Same for Colorado, only lived there for 2 years., but loved it. Sure the winters are cold, but I grew up in Minnesota so Colorado didn't bother me much. What I don't like is the humid heat of the American southeast. If you're into herps Australia is a good place to be, but then, so is Arizona!
Cant beet the snakes, I love 'em, although I have to say I don't think I will ever keep one as a pet. I think seeing herps anywhere but the wild is, well, boring and kind of sad. Pretty much all they do as pets is sit around and squeeze the guts out of mice born to be Mercilessly squeezed to death by snakes. The only herps I have ever kept are the two Whites tree frogs I have now which I ONLY have because my neighbors aren't the best with animals and practically killed the "impossible" to kill frogs. I am now working on nursing them back to health (fungus growing on skin, indigestion, and catylysts (sp?) in eyes) and getting them out of the ridiculously undersized 10 gallon they're in now. Mainly I think herps and birds should not be kept in captivity because they are both very migratory animals, and almost never are in the same place twice, minus a few exceptions, and the sheer vastness of the world they should be in cannot be replicated in captivity.

I have nothing what so ever against those who keep these animals, and will not try and disuade anyone from keeping them unless they keep them in entirely inappropriate conditions.

Sorry to get on the soap box here, I didn't really mean to

oh yeah and :welcome: to TONMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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