Jan 16, 2004
Hello to all,

I've begun setting up my first octopus tank, thanks in part to the information I've been gleaning from this site (nice job, by the way). A little background info:

I live in downtown Minneapolis, MN, with my wife.
We have a 75g sps reef right now, which is doing quite well.
I am a 25 year-old who works as a financial analyst at a fairly large firm.
I love the stock market.

Prior to now, I've been very, very interested in keeping an octopus, however, their short lifespans have "scared" me off. From what I can see, it's the only true negative of owning these seemingly awesome creatures. But, I'm happy to say that I've gotten over it. I will purpose to enjoy their company while it lasts--treating them as well as is humanly possible. I have much to learn from all of you, so I'll keep reading, asking questions, and reading some more. Thanks in advance!

Hi Crevalle
and welcome to :welcome:

You're right about the short lifespan, but octopuses do have a lot of personality and manage to cram a lot into their lives. So, it seems like you've got the right attitude and will enjoy your octo.

Hello Crevalle,

I'm a newbie as well! I was also taken back by the short life span. But I cannot quite think that's a good enough reason for me NOT to get an octo. They peak my interests too much.:thumbsup:

I guess my only concern is I've never "purchased" creatures/fish online and had it shipped (there's several LFS near me) . I hope the shipping process isn't too stressful for an octo. I'm in Florida and I've only seen one LFS with an octo (a vulgaris which was wild caught), so I'm most likely going to have to have one shipped!
your interest puts you in good company here and i hope you enjoy your stay :smile:

(LOL much more entertainment than SPSs LOL)

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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