Greetings from Vacaville.....


Blue Ring
Nov 20, 2006
Hi all, Finnaly a member.....:mrgreen:
Ive been "lurking" scince 04' (when i joined 3reef) and been browsing articles ever since. I Just took apart my 30 gal reef and transferred it to my 55 (unusually easy). Reason being the LR i purchased a couple years back had hitchiker calurpa and it has won the battle:oops:
Sooooo... instead of scraping the infested sand and rock (not dirty, just too much macro algae for coral) I decided to make a nice octo tank. So here I am in cyberspaces Octo den.....:wink:
:welcome: OoNickoC! I used to live right around the corner on Travis AFB. I take it you work in Sacramento. I used to be on the board of directors of one of the arts organizations there.

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