Greetings from the VA Boardwalk

Apr 9, 2007
Hello everyone,
I have lived on the east cost for 98% of my life and I would have it no other way. I love living by the oceanfront. Friends tease me about how much of my time I spend just sitting on the boardwalk watching the ocean and daydreaming. I am currently in a community college and I hope to someday (probably in the year 2357) graduate with an education degree. My favorite class?....Oceanography of course.:wink:
My favorite subject?....Deep sea mysteries! Action, adventure, and lots and lots of unknown creatures!

The other 2% of my life I have spent traveling, throughout the US and I've spent some out of the country. Of 1yr in my life I had lived in Wanette, Oklahoma to help out family (not because I felt I needed to live away from water). I eventually got oceanfront-sick (if there is such a term) and rushed back here to Virginia Beach. The only interesting thing I've learned in Oklahoma is that they have a law that prohibits whaleing....just incase any whale decided get out and walk all the way to the Oklahoma State Line YOU'RE NOT ALOUD TO KILL IT!!!!

I had found Tonmo when I was doing research for a paper on the Architeuthis dux for a class and knew I'd love to sign up right away. I love reading about other people's thoughts and experiences with cephalopods. Just knowing that there are other people with such deep interests as I do, makes me feel right at home!


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Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: to TONMO. The whales in OK image is pretty amusing...


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Mar 15, 2003
Welcome to Tonmo ! Sounds like you are a perfect fit for this group...

Mar 23, 2005
:welcome: to Tonmo.

I got this from the
state of Oklahoma website:

Cimmaron Festival Celebration - 38th Annual Cow Chip Throwing Contest, 14th Annual Chili Cookoff, poker... >Learn More

Apache Rattlesnake Festival - This event includes a carnival from 6pm-10pm, a Powwow at the fair... >Learn More

Tulsa Whale Festival - Celebrate the whales in our midst, enter the giant squid eating contest... >Learn More

89er Day Parade and Festival - Norman celebrates the anniversary of the Great Land Run of 1889 which... >Learn More

Green Frog Festival - This festival celebrates the history of Wilburton Native Americans... >Learn More

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