Greetings from darkharts!


Jan 26, 2004
Hello all, Like the site and i am still checking it all out. Just finally got back to keeping the little critters. Had one in high school that was just awesome. Tried a couple times in the past and had two egg layers and one that was smart enough to get caught by the cat. I will apoligize now for not being up on the latin stuff.
The good news is now after waiting since november my local fish store came through. Usually i only see them occasionally in the summer but two weeks ago i had a good day. Turns out some local got some to tank breed and out of the three at the store i have two. (one escaped later in now onws there reef tank :lol: )They are supposed to be more of a local species but i am sorry i don't have the latin name. They are only about as big as quarter and smaller then what i am used too but way awesome. Ok for the detials i am sure some will be curious about, 50 acrylic with built in wet dry, some live rock and a couple corals, a yellow eye tang, and a coral beauty that thinks it's a tang. Got the fish due to wait and the algea cleaning the tang does and felt they might get along for now at least. After two weeks everybodies still happy, well except for some crabs and snails i put in to help the tank develop who have dissapered :P . I will try for some pictures soon but for now i have given up tv for tank watching. Thanks for your time!
thanks guys, I just cleaned it and and one came out to look for any food, so i have some pictures in some mirky water since it is still purifying. I will post them tommorow from work.
SOme pics

Sorry for the quality ut they decided to come out and hunt after i stired up and cleand the tank so it's mirky.

Heres mr. Hyde, he stays in more but is a better hunter.

Heres dr. Jekyll always out looking for stuff

The kids waiting to go home from work when i go tthem.

Mr hyde and corduroy(yellow eye tang algea specialist)

Jekyll again since he likes being out.

Everybody just gets along and i have never seen any ink or even a retreat from either fish or octo. Sorry agian about the quality, i will get better ones soon!
damn, i need to think slower or type two seperate things as two seperate things, Sorry about the pic size - (Brain jumped to next thought) does anybody know what kind of (Oct's) i have? Sorry to confuse
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