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Mar 16, 2004
Hi there, my name is DeOdin and I'm new at Tonmo. I'm from Lansing Michigan, and have been a freshwater fish hobbiest for the past 10 years. I've just started a marine tank, and have been researching Octopi for the past 3 months through Tonmo, marine life books, web sites, etc.

My first snag in becoming an Octo owner is finding a good dealer. The LFS in my town only orders "Blue Ring" and "Common". And since I don't want to die a painful death, or have an unidentified octo die, I'm in search of a reputable dealer. If anyone has any subjestions for me, please forward them :smile:

In addition, I am a horrible speller, so please don't judge my character on my blatant disregard for the King's English :jester:

Hi and welcome to! :welcome:

Most of our octo owners order their bimacs from California and have them express shipped. They don't use their local LFSs to buy their octopuses. This has worked our pretty well. You can read some of the posts under the Ceph Care Forum, Journals and Photos about the baby octos arriving.

The two main places people order are Octopets and FishSupply. These are tank bred octopuses and are quite young.

We'd be glad to have you join the ranks of octopus owners!

Hey everyone, thanks a lot for the initial help. I have been using Tonmo and other web sites for information regarding ceph's for the past 3 months. I've enjoyed using the infromation from this site especially. I met another octo owner at my LPS, and he ordered his octo through a distributer in Grand Rapids Michigan. He stated that he ordered a bimac from the GR store last November, and his octo is thriving in his tank.

Thanks again for the greeting, I'll keep you all posted regarding my new octo tank.

Hi and welcome to!

Another plus in ordering your octo directly from Octopets is that you can also order the food (baby clams, amphipods) that your bimac has been raised on. This makes the transition to other food easier.


Well.....Octopets it is. My tank setup has been set back by a few weeks, as my wife and I are looking for a house. I figure that it's easier to setup a 75 gal. tank than moving 75 gal. of marine water! :grad:

I just got my RO/DI unit today, what a deal! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning putting that monstrosity of tubes together (ironicly it is very Cthulian in nature.....eek!@$%&).

So after my lovely stats class tonight, I'll stop by Home Depot to the last set of parts for my octo tank stand.

Ta for now.....

Well ! welcome to Tonmo...and be sure to let us know if you hear any strange piping noises (tekelili) coming from your batrachian complex of tubes and assemblies...I do hope they are all placed at odd and non-euclidian angles?

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