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Greedy New Octopus


Mar 2, 2005

We have a new Octopus. Our very first one died after only one week (hadnt eaten at all whilst we had it).
Our new Occie (who has no name as yet), is doing brilliantly - we have had him just over 1 week. He is eating frozen shimp/prawns, is not scared of us and each time we go near the tank, he comes out to see us. He is even out of his cave waiting for us when we get home from work????
On Friday, we started to feed him by hand - which he seems quite happy to do, our problem is - how much do we feed him. As it stands now, everytime we go to "the corner" of the tank where we feed him from, he is fast out of his cave, wanting food.
Currently we are giving him a prawn that is approx. 3" long.
Can you overfeed them??? Do we keep feeding until he stops taking them???
Size wise (not entirely sure how you measure Octopus) he would be approx head & body - 6" long(0r 15cm)
Thanks to anyone who can give me a little help.
These are truly lovely creatures - and we want to do our best to keep him with us for as long as we can

Hi Mandy,

Congratulations on your new occie! Do you have any idea what species this one is. Actually, it's good that he's eating so well and is so friendly! He could still be quite young and growing a lot.

It's been my observation that they refuse food when they are full (or they take it and secretly throw it out!) Yours may need a little more right now. I'd try giving him some additional food - maybe a smaller prawn as a second helping.

Thanks Nancy

We will give him a little extra tonight and see how we go.

We have no idea what species he is (I will post a pic soon and hopefully someone might be able to help identify him)

He has had a colourful start coming into our home. We believe he was found in a rockpool in Western Australia, just before he was due to come over to us in NSW, we believe that he had escaped his holding tank to help himself to some crabs in another tank...on his way back to his tank, he climed into the wrong one and entered a shark tank - there was a bit of a commotion and he now has 2 short tenticles - which seem to be growing....then when my husband picked him up from our aquarium, he escaped the net he was being held in and was scurrying across the floor of the shop!

He also seems to "pose" for me when I have the camera out.

We have no idea what species he is (I will post a pic soon and hopefully someone might be able to help identify him)

He has had a colourful start coming into our home. We believe he was found in a rockpool in Western Australia

This is probably me just being paranoid, but just to make sure, are you certain s/he is not a bluering? They are found around Australia, and their bites are very toxic.



Probably, this is not an issue, but once I thought "unidentified octo from Australia" I decided it's better safe than sorry and I should mention the possibility.

Back around '87, I was looking into getting an octo, and some lunatic LFS guy tried to convince me "but the blue ringed ones look so much more colorful, you should get one of them." Once I researched how dangerous they are, I decided not only that he was wrong, but that he was crazy.

All this aside, I'm glad to hear you're having such good success with your happy octo, whatever type s/he may be! I don't mean to be a downer, just cautious.
No, thank you for that - I think my husband and the Aquarium lady ruled that out - but I will do more research to double check...because I dont think a blue ring is a good idea for the home. Definately better to be safe than sorry!

I have sent through a pic of him - to be approved (I called him new occie?? stumpy)

He is a sandy colour with a green tinge and it seems that when he gets excited around "dinner" time his underside turns red

Stumpy's had quite an exciting time. Better get out the duct tape and make sure his tank is secure! He sounds like an enthusiastic escaper.

But I believe Jean (who is in NZ) knows of many octopuses who like to escape.

Also, note that he was hungry even earlier, when he sought out the crabs!

His arms will grow out, but sometimes they remain a bit shorter than the others.

Looking forward to the pics!

We have put some velco on the tank to hold all lids etc down.......My husband has made sure the tank is a Octopus proof as possible!

You can see where his stumps are starting to grow out - there are tiny little tenticles growing from them.

Also, I have just had a look through the member pics and I think he looks alot like the Common Perth Octopus

Hi Mandy,

You might consider a brick on that lid, too. You'd be surprised how strong even small octopuses are.

If he's the Common Perth Octopus (Octopus cf tetricus), he's got a lot of growing to do. His body will grow to at least 20 cm (8 inches) and his arms will be 50 cm (20 inches). The Common Perth Octopus is night active - forages for crustaceans and shellfish - but Stumpy seems to be active when you're around.

Whatever, he has a good personality and since he's young, he should be around for a while for you to enjoy.

Thanks Nancy - we are already in the process of making the tank more Octopus proof.

Last night at feeding time, he was extremely excited - and one of his tenticles actually came over the side of the tank, wanting food - freaked me out a little...So he does seem to be very game!

One question I do have is, if for some reason at feeding time if he did get out, and I picked him up to put him back in the tank - would he bite me?

Hi Mandy,

They can nip a little (which is like a bee sting unless it's a BR :lol: ) but often they don't. If you're worried use a fine meshed net to get him back in the tank. Just make sure there are no knots on the mesh and that it is wet as octi skin is delicate and abrades easily. If you choose to use your hands (& I have often :roll: ) then make sure they are wet too and you're not wearing rings etc that could injure your friend!


Hi Mandy,

It's not so unusual for your occie to flop an arm or two over the edge of the tank. My bimac came out and sat on the edge of the tank a couple of times, just wanted to look around and touch the outside of her tank and our faces.

A lot of people have reported that they picked up their escaping octopuses - bimacs, vulgaris and other species, and we've never had a report of a bite at that time.

I checked again and verified that octopuses don't overeat, so be sure you're feeding the little guy enough. He has two new arms to grow! It should be fun for you that Stumpy is so enthusiastic.

This is possibly one of the greatest threads ever on Tonmo...
What a charismatic little beastie !
Thanks again Nancy

We love him to bits!! He is heaps of fun and when we get up in the mornings, I feed the dogs (his tank is above there bowls in the kitchen) and he wakes up and reaches to the glass - and sticks one tenticle out - to say HI - I touch the glass back, then he goes back to his hidey hole.

We have fed him over the past 2 nights more ....like you said he has the 2 new arms to grow (my husband thought that also might be the case for the hungriness)

I now just need to overcome my uneasiness of him maybe coming out of the tank (this really is all very new to me) and be more careful when I feed him. I really have become so attached to him - I would be devastated if anything did happen.

Regarding how much more he can grow - we are now planning where we can put a larger tank

Thanks to everyone who has helped us out!
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