Great site!


Jun 2, 2007
I found the site quite by wife happened to pick up the latest edition of Tropical Fish a day ago. She did this because of my well known affinity for the Octopus. I am very pleased to see such a community support one of the most magnificent creatures on earth. I have had only one as a pet, back in 1992/3. It was by far one of the best pets I ever had and have always wanted to have another.

Well just wanted to say hello....time to look around abit...

Again...great job!
Hi Mike,

Welcome to the site! :welcome:

Please have a look at the Journals and Photos forum under Ceph Care and you'll see photos of our current octopuses and cuttles.

Thanks everyone-

Not sure if anyone else is from Seattle but they have a great Aquarium on Puget Sound and recently held Octopus week....the wife (again) surprised me with going down on the weekend to witness the release of a female GPO back into the sound...I got pictures of it as they carried in transit right by me and down to the water. We got to see it, through cameras, submerge into the water with divers. It was really very cool. I even got an Octopus Week print. I will have to post pics-
mike;95735 said:
Not sure if anyone else is from Seattle but they have a great Aquarium on Puget Sound and recently held Octopus week....

Dr. Roland Anderson (of said aquarium) is a friend of TONMO, although sadly there wasn't as much coverage for Octopus Week this year as normal...

oh, almost forgot... :welcome:

These may not be the best quality...and they were moving Andromeda down the pier pretty quick so it wasn't an ideal situation for pics....


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And just a few collectibles.....


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