Great day with the GPO and cuttles at the Seattle Aquar.!!

Jan 20, 2006
So I hopped over to the Seattle Aquarium today while my fiance was doing stuff with his frat and I had several really good experiences. Firstly, I was right in front when they added a new GPO. That was original cause it was a Saturday and there were tons of screamy little kids there. They dumped it out of a bucket and it settled right in front of where I was sitting and played with the moray eel for awhile. Then they fed it some shrimp and it actually ate. I didn't think it would because of the stress of being in the bucket but it was nice. The female octo was white and hanging out upsidown against a wall.

Then i went over to the cuttlefish tank where they used to keep two officinalis and was shocked to discover it full of fish!!!!!! The guest services person told me they had died. But then I asked a resident biologist about it and used some big words during the following conversation about cuttles like 'bandensis' and he was apparently impressed and agreed to take me back to see the cuddles they had in quarentine. They had three and one of them was feeling very active and followed my finger around (awwwwwwwww!!). The guy's name was Joel. He was really cool and I told him about how I'm planning to get a bimac after I set up my 150 reef and then get a cuttle. He told me it was good to start with an expendable animal and I thought he meant get some practice before I start with cephs (but now i'm wondering if he thought the bimac was expendable...??) then i told him how i'm going to volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium soon. Wee, it was a really great day!! After that happened I was too excited to keep looking at the fish and I had to go home. Lol, I just felt like sharing cause I had such a great cephaloped experience. : )


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