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Got to Play with Meat wad last night


Jul 27, 2004
He was cruzing around (weirdly) last night periscoping over rocks and generaly looking like he was gonna eat somebody
So I walked up to the tank and used three fingers to tap on the glass in front of him.
He shot out 3 tentacles to touch where my fingers were then came around the rock (all with out moving the tentecles that were on the glass CRAZY long leggs) and got up next to the glass and eyeballed me a bit.
Stayed out a good hour before deciding he couldnt get anything done while i was standing there.

if anyone is interested


its another one like meatwad and Since I was satisfied with the health and size of my octo i thought i might refer some other Ceph peeps to him

Very nice guy
his emails are hard to figure out some times. But the Octo arrived in less than 24 hours and was packed correctly for shipping.
Meatwad did not ink or appear stressed so it seems like a good guy to get one from
Thats wierd the same thing happened to me! only I got hands on.

I've gone picture crazy I now.

Best of luck with your new octopus,


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