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Got Foam?


Jul 11, 2003
Im starting to get a little worried about my protein skimmer. For some reason it is not creating any foam (well maybe a tiny bit), but it used to create more. Currently, my tank inhabitants are a brittle star (that it i dont feed it simply scavanges) 5 fully grown mollies, 4-5 baby mollies, and 2 cleaner shrimp. Is this normal or should these things be making more foam?

thanks guys.

p.s- I ordered my octo today :mrgreen:
yes, you all certainly have :biggrin2: (thanks everyone im sure i will have many many more questions when it comes :smile: ). Nancy, it says to lower to collection cup, and it was already as low as it can go.
Im 99% certain that there are no bubbles because the tank has matured and there is no waste to collect! I fretted about that when i had my first skimmer years ago! That's all it was and does happen.

Even a matue skimmer in a heavily stocked tank will not work 24x7...

dont worry! As long as its set up okay it will start to work again when it needs to and as this is probably a baby it may be some time :smile:
thats a reliefe, thanks Colin :smile: . Also, seeing as my octo comes today i was wondering about food. Yes, i have looked back at the past posts, but i am still a little confused. I ordered the tank raised bimac from fishsupply.com, and since its going to be pretty small should i just feed it like little hermit crabs or something? Lastly, is it expensive to feed an octo.

thanks for all the help
Captive bimacs will take a variety of foods...even thawed out pieces of krill and shrimp! Ghost shrimp are ok for a now and again live food, as are guppies, etc...once he/she gets bigger, you can offer it small crayfish and larger fish.
I usually don't try to feed the newcomer for the first day...they are usually stressed out enough to not want to be prodded with a dead bit of shrimp!
Good luck,
Hi Rockthis,
If you are getting one of those very small bimacs, you might find it helpful to read the posts from dbbga (I think most are under Photos and Journals), because she describes feeding her tiny bimac.

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