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Got another octopus!


Jan 1, 2004
Well after oscar I i decided that my tank wasnt suited for octopus since he died so fast- And i was wrong once again. I went to get my braces done at the dentists and we stopped in at my lfs. I saw a small cage in their display tank and wondered what it was(octopus). The lady there ordered it for me since i had been asking. Not a bimac :frown:. When they were getting him out he detached one of his legs that was caught in the net! It was scary to see this white worm wiggleing everywhere. He is doing really good though. Comes out every day and eats a lot (mostly frozen clams but ate a fish i couldnt get out)! I am wondering if a small species like him could do some harm to me if he bites? Ill get pictures tomorrow of him but i dont know if anyone can I.D. him. I love the way he changes colors and moves around. Hes really cocky for such a little guy. He goes into a rock with a lot of holes in it when the lights go out. I never see him at night. Ive had him since tuesday and he seems to be very happy. Oh and his name is Oscar

Thanks :smile: Ant

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