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good and bad news


Aug 10, 2006
well ive finally got my tank set up and ready to start putting the live rock in it, the rock will be going in on monday. the bad news to this is that im quite sure i cant realistically keep a ceph in my current circumstances, the tanks too small for a start (28 gal) and the potential for me being away is too great, so the point of this thread is that i mainly felt like ranting about it :smile: so until such a time as my degrees over the ceph is out of the question, but does anyone know of anywhere that offers phds in areas of ceph study? preferrably in the uk but not essential.
Kudos to you Craig for being patient with your environment, and not throwing a ceph in an tank that may not be ready for it.

Marine Biology is the place to start... I used to know the names of key UK universities for this but I'm afraid I don't recall... help, anyone?
I am sure you will get some advice as far as study in the UK...unfortunately I can't help you in that area. But I want to say the good news is I am really glad to hear of someone who is putting the wellfare of their future ceph at the forefront! There's been so many people lately who just settle with equipment that really is not in the best interest of the ceph. Sounds like when the time and the tank is right, you will make a wonderful ceph owner!:smile:
well im in my second year of a marine biology masters degree at southampton now, so im looking to the future really, my degree course finishes in 2 years and so thats when im looking for.
I believe Aberdeen has a good ceph group and the Universities of St Andrews and Glasgow have marine science courses..................of course you could aways come down under AUT and Otago have strong marine science post grad courses and there's always the possibility of scholarships such as the James Cook for UK residents to come to NZ.


do you have any more information on the NZ scolarships? i plan on moving over there at the end of my studies anyway so that would intrest me greatly.

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