going to try to catch a vulgaris

Feb 24, 2005
ive been reading some reports on the fishing websites about encounters with octos in the charleston area this time of year in shallow water in the inlets and deeper channels... so i made a trip to lowes...

25 dollars later ive got 3 sets of octo pot traps and each set has 3 pot traps of 3 different sizes so that i have a better chance of catching at least 1 regardless of size... basically i bought several different sized pots and epoxied the tops together so that each end had a small hole. i then tied 3 in a row about 8 feet apart each so that when i throw them out an octo might come along and decide to make a home out of one...

im going back to charleston this weekend and im planning on setting them out one night and checking them the next morning after the octos should of returned to their dens... if i catch one i will simply put the pot trap in a live well and let the octo live in there till i come back to columbia. i figured this would be better than paying for one and having it sit on a plane for 24 hours before getting to me completely stressed out... at least this way there is a minimum of stress involve for the octo and it allows me to have the enjoyment of catching it :smile:

anyway if it works ill post pics of the traps and the results so that all of yall that live in octopus infested areas can try it yourselves.
i hate to be pesimistic here but i have doubts concerning the capture of a vulgaris... i'd love to be wrong and if you do catch one, you'll have to tell me where, but the only vulgaris i've personally seen are those from areas with live bottom.... of course i say this without knowing whether or not you're operating off of a boat....

dan - the local populations aren't too big... i doubt a license is necessary even if he catches more than one....
well i know for fact that there are lots of them around the north jetties off of charleston. i figure if they are there then they have to be in the intercoastal areas like breach inlet and off the groins off of sullivans... all those areas have live bottom from where we dumped thousands of lbs of rock back in the day to keep the channels open. trust me there is live bottom out there you just have to know where to look and being a fisherman from charleston i know just about where all of them are
WhiteKiboko said:
dan - the local populations aren't too big... i doubt a license is necessary even if he catches more than one....

Yes, a commercial fishing license probably isn't necessary to catch them, but may be required if he wants to sell them to other hobbyists :smile:

well no luck this time(i put the traps out at mid tide so they ended up dry at low... stupid me...) but i did manage to find a small den that looked recent next to one of the jetties in a tide pool. there were tons of crab claws and shell and empty hermit shell in front of a small hole under a large rock that had oyster shells blocking the hole... i cussed and carried on while rolling the 100+ lbs rock over to find the fella only to find an empty den... i guess it wasnt there. but i left the pot traps out for the week and hopefully i will get one

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