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going to try the octo again. maybe 2 in a 240 , just got of phone with jim


Aug 21, 2004
Just got off the phone with jim at octopets, and he told me that i would be safe to keep 4 octopus in a 240 , but i dont want 4 , but I would like 2

the last octopus I had was 3 months old and it either
a. jetted around and hit a rock which put a hole in his mantle
b. a bristle worm may have bit a hole in his back .

this was the reason he died,

so I know I can ikeep one water qulaity wise, becasue my paramters were really good.

also I am going to add that last time I had a "shy" personality octopus,

so this time maybe with me ordering 2 of them, I will get at least 1 if not both of them a more friendly attitude and adventreous octo.

jim also told me if i wait a few weeks, he will sell me a 4 inch mantle octo instead of a little baby , which is a plus for me , since i had such a hard time findin the last octo i had from him because he was the size of about 3 inches and it was impossible to find him a 240 gallon

also , tempeture is starting to get warm here,

the last octopus i bought was in decemeber and it was around 45 degrees codl

this time it will be about 80 - 88 degrees

do they do ok shipping in this weather
DHL does a messy job of shipping ...if you can, try to get it fedex or even deltadash...

good luck on the newbies...I am jealous!
Wow I sent an email to octopets about 3 weeks ago and still havent got a reply. Maby I will give him a call. He also said that a 25 gallon is god for a bimac maby I will take his advice. Every one hear says that A 50 gallon is the minumum. Sad for me I have a 30 gallon. I think that might be a little small maby a divider in the tank might be a idea for you 24o
really , dhl is pretty reliable, at least in my area,

i think i will have it shiped to my moms work addresss as they usually get mail faster than I do , (OUT IN THE COUNTRY)

so do you agree with jim saying its ok to take 2 octos.

just for curiosity reasons, how long does it take a biamc to get say a 6 inch long mantle length ?
well dhl lost my octo in a warehouse in arkansas on its way to south carolina for 24 hours took over 48 for him to get here... so much for 1030 next day...
There's something else you might consider -
If you're using the 240, it would be large enough for a larger species such as O.vulgaris. It would be wild caught, not tank bred. Of course, your food bill would be large, unless you live by the ocean. :smile:

Jim may be able to keep several octos together in a larger tank. I don't think we've ever had anyone try it in a 240 - but so far no one has successully kept two bimacs in a single tank, even a large one.
Sometimes it's OK for a while, but sooner or later....

I believe Andy mentiioned keeping octos together by giving them PVC pipes to live in and moving the pipes every day, so they couldn't establish territory.

yeah , i would like a larger species , but like you said they are wild caught other than vulgaris and i dont want to spend the money for a unknown speices, uknown age, and uknown relialbilty of the company shipping the specimen

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