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Glue and live rock!!! help asap


Jun 15, 2005
ok i have perchased my aquirium and 10 gallons of water already, however before i put the water in i remebered that some objects hade to be glued to the bottom of the aquirium and i cant glue when theres water in the tank! so what things need to be glued? does the live rock need to be glued? thanks in advance..
If your keeping a ceph then it would be needed to glue some live rock down so he couldn't rearrange his "furniture".

but if your keeping just fish then you should go ahead and stick them in. But be very careful of stacking to high. Keep a strong support structure and work your way up. My method is to add live rock onto both ends of the tank to spread it out instead of stacking all of it in one corner and face a cave-in which could be the end for some of your animals.
I thought people mostly glued rocks together rather than glueing them to the bottom of the tank. If you're planning to have a ceph, you need to make sure your rocks are stable and that none can fall easily on a baby octopus.

I guess it would depend on what ceph - I guess a GOP you might want to glue something down.

I have a small octo, and have no problems with the rock getting moved.

I don't know of anyone in the reefing world that glues rocks to the bottom. To each other, sometimes. :smile:
well i wasent going to stack any rocks i just wanted one live rock and then i was going to perchase a cave type thing my octo could hide, so in that situation would i need to glue the live rock and the cave object to the bottom?
If you do decide to stack rock up later on, your local fish store should stock a marine friendly two part epoxy putty, which works out well. Just be sure to use sparing amounts, some people get a little epoxy-happy and end up with more putty than rock !

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