Glove Growing Up


O. vulgaris
Jun 9, 2006
This is really a continuation of the thread located here: Octopus

Since we already identified the Octo I thought this forum would me more appropriate for posting updated photo's and videos.

Check out Glove's camouflage here. Look like that shell?


Here is a video of Glove eating: Eating

Here is a video of Glove foraging in the evening under actinics: Hunter

Here is a picture of the other Octo who had 3 legs and now has 3 legs and five small legs. Can you see him?

shipposhack;106914 said:
Nice color changes on him. Do you have two octopuses in the same tank?

So far they mostly stay away from each other. They have interacted on occasion without any problems. The one that seems most interested is the smaller one loves to touch Glove. The interest hasn't been mutual yet. I keep a close eye on them and if it seems a problem may be forming I have a 24 gallon AP ready for one of the Octos. They have been together for about a month and a half.
Some of the conversations that followed post #5 in this Journal got out of hand and resulted in my locking the thread, so we've decided to remove all posts back to post #5 and reopen this Journal. Many interesting things were said along the way, and I hope the best of them will resurface.

Today I witnessed the first interaction between Glove and a ribbon eel (at least my first time seeing it). Surprising considering Glove has blocked off one of the three entrances / exits I created in a PVC tunnel as his den. Glove did not want the eel attempting to go into his den so he gently pushed the eel away. I wish I had video!

Here is a video of Mr. 3 Legger. I still have to spot feed him but he has shown signs of daytime hunting. It seems as he grows his tentacles back his confidence builds. When he is 100% is probably when we will get a true gauge on the interactions of the two Octopuses. I think you can see his stub tentacles if you look closely: MR. 3 LEGGER

Here is a pic too:

Here is a couple of pictures of one of Glove's neighbors:


Here is a picture of the crab holding pen and some fiddlers:


the "skunk stripe" look is great, is that Glove's typical look when excited about food?

I'm also frequently surprised at how many reports there are of cephs eating crustaceans much smaller than they are, everything from dwhatley's mercs eating cyclop-eze to humboldts scooping up krill with their arms. I'm not at all clear on how they get the small things to the beak, and whether they just swallow them alive or use some beak-radula action to chew them up. It seems like large suckers wouldn't be able to grab small critters, although maybe the small ones at the ends of the arms would...
I am still trying to figure that out. Except in the video I posted where Trapper would take the Cyclop-eeze by mouth almost directly from the pipette, I can't say that I have "seen" them eating the tiny food but I know they do. I think it "sticks" to their suckers and they must move it up to the mouth. If you remember, I posted a question back with Trapper and asked if there was any chance of directly ingesting from the suckers since there seems to be a sense of taste there. I remember you replying that there was no suggestion of this ability but watching even the tiny ones sweep the water columln for small food still makes me wonder.
Rigby has "attacked" pods before but he lets them go... I don't know if he just doesn't know what to do with them or if he just thinks it is fun to catch them and let them go... kinda like fishing... but i see him let them go..
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