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Hello Emps,

I've been unable to locate an online gallery of Mr. Loates work. However, I have found a few related items of interest. First, though, I should tell those who aren't aware of his work to crack open their copies of Richard Ellis's Search for the Giant Squid and use the index to locate the Loates drawings. They're among the most beautiful illustrations of Architeuthis yet done, executed in black-and-white pencil, and more often than not showing what happens when Architeuthis ges bushwhacked by a sperm whale.

Loates developed a friendship with the late teuthologist Dr. Frederick Alldrich, at one point contributing a memorable "Wanted" poster for dead giant squid cast ashore in Newfoundland. To read a generally friendly piece of criticism Alldrich wrote about Loates's early squid efforts, click here.

Last year, Glen Loates put his talents to work on a CGI thrill-ride called "Deep Sea." Clyde Roper collaborated on the project as well, and the result is a simulator that takes audiences on a deep submersible tour. Sounds rather sedate, but among the sights is a drag-out fight between Architeuthis and Physeter that looks quite phenomenal as a downloaded preview, and must be downright bruising on the big screen. To download the preview, click here. For background information about "Deep Sea: The Ride," click here.

I wonder if the ride will ever be an attraction at the New England Aquarium? I can only hope.


Clem said:
Dear Emps,

Absolutely. Look forward to reading it.


Me and my big mouth :(

Anyway I have had a good look around Amazon and he has produced anumber of books but none of them seem to be along the 'right' lines. Anyone know anything more about where they are published?

Emps, is "under construction." Hopefully we won't have to wait too long.

Perhaps we can track the down the man himself, via a gallery? I'll have a look around.


Clem: Good find. I did a domain name lookup and got this info:

57 Woodland Acres Crescent
Maple, Ontario L6A 1G1


Administrative Contact:
Loates, Michael (YHTQDTYJAI) [email protected]
57 Woodland Acres Crescent
Maple, Ontario L6A 1G1
416-729-5550 fax: 905-884-0510

Technical Contact:
Administration, DNS (NA979) [email protected]
5415 Dundas Street West, Suite 301
Toronto ON M9B 1B5
416-233-7150 fax: 416-233-6970

Record expires on 26-Jun-2008.
Record created on 25-Jun-1996.
Database last updated on 22-Jan-2004 13:38:03 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:


So that is clearly his gallery address and the admin email address looks to be a relative (son?). Do you want to make first conact? ;)

Clem said:
Least I can do. After all, you're writing the article.

LOL - its like quicksand sucking me in!! ;)

I think if he is going to launch his site soon then it might be a nice bit of publicity to kick things off.

~crosses toes too~


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