Giant squid


Dec 4, 2006
Please help. I am doing a presentation on the giant squid and I can't seem to find solid information about whether or not they contain chromatophores and an ink sack. I know that these are specialized features in many cephalopods, but I am not too sure about the giant squid. I appreciate any feedback.

make sure to look at the fact sheet in the "Ceph Science Articles" at the top of the page, if you haven't already. That being said, I found some references that answer your question (although, funny enough, one is a children's book):

Outside and Inside the Giant Squid quotes Clyde Roper (who ought to know) as saying that Architeuthis does have an ink sack.

Hanlon & Messenger report that the chromatophore lobes of Architeuthis' brains are relatively small, so they believe it's likely that their chromatophore usage is pretty simple, but they do have them.

Hope this helps... I'm sure some of the folks who have actually dissected giant squids can provide more firsthand info...
glad to be helpful. and I forgot to say :welcome: and good luck with your presentation!

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