Giant Squid Photograph Poll


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Nov 19, 2002
What is your take on the stunning images announced this week by Drs Kubodera and Mori?

Is this the most fascinating story in the press in the field of marine biology ever, or are you disappointed that the ocean has given up one of it's most closely guarded secrets?

Please vote!
Yes... this was a great and important first step... but I sense the need for a new documentary... Quest for the Giant Squid -- Unprovoked and on Video!

I've no nostalgia for a depleted mystery, and only a little angst about the squid losing an appendage (hey, it beats getting trawled). I've waited thirty years for this moment and, dammit, I am savoring it.

Kubodera and Mori, I raise my potent glass of Baltika to you, Sirs. Well done. Well done.

This is the most exciting event in marine science I can recall. I'm just glad they didnt get a picture of the external shell.:biggrin2: And unfortunately I have no sympathy at all for the big bug:-/ (this from the guy who used to make walks out of flys by pulling their wings off:twisted: )
I won't be satisfied until I get to see O. giganteus devouring a cruise ship in 3D IMAX. :sink:

This is a little frustrating. If I'd known that Kubodera and Mori were going to have this encounter, I'd have gladly offered several hundred dollars towards a HD video camera.
I think it's pretty amazing, but I think that not having video is pretty awful. And I feel bad for them for having to hear this from everyone.

Interested party "You got video, right????"

Researchers "Errr, no, but maybe next time.":oops:
Hi All,

I think the best thing about these "new photos" is that it will stir new interest in the pursuit of capturing a real live one. I heard these pictures were done last year in September or so. The press release State side didn't show the hooks or detail why the poor thing was struggeling to get away.

Also, you notice that the thing is as white as a sheet? Is this their "terrified" mode?

Steve, are you getting new phone calls for financing, documentaries, etc? I saw you on that discovery channel documentary. That should be renamed "Chasing Giants, Part 1.":smile:

ArchieFan said:
.... That should be renamed "Chasing Giants, Part 1.":smile: AF

Hi there AF; it very nearly was called part 1. If we'd managed to keep the little suckers alive there'd be parts 2 and 3 by now. We can dream.

They may well update these documentaries (of which they have a number), but rather than reshoot they'll likely add in imagery.

A really good doco, as far as I am concerned, would be to follow those people that have tried to catch Archi, or film it .... and just see what state of physical or mental disrepair this animal had driven them into!!

Setting up an 'expedition' is tremendously draining, and the aftermath is more so, especially if things turn to custard at any point during or after the sea trip component. You've got to be insane to want to do this sort of thing!
I think its pretty damn cool. Sure there is a little downer about the tentacle, but not enough to make me upset.

Here is a pic someone did for/to me on another board. This seems like a good thread to post it - of the 50 GS threads going on right now. :biggrin2:
Ah, I'm thinking all this excitement - plus the disappointment at the lack of a moving image - ought to stimulate some more monetary investment. People have gone crazy worldwide for these tantalizing pics...

Doesn't it seem that SOS probably needs a few million dollars sometime soon? At least for a slightly bigger boat, right? And some smokes?

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