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Sep 7, 2003

I'm deffinetly intrested in starting a tank just for an octopus. Before jumping into anything I've been reading up and asking questions for the last two weeks. I've decided I'll be able to handle it but I don't know what I need. I heard a 10gallon would be fine, but I think I'd want to get a 29gallon maybe just so I can have coral or something in it to make it look like a show tank. I know that octopus escape all the time, and eat every other animal in the tank. Any sugestions for a tank? Type of octopus, preferibly one that looks really impressive since its the only thing in the tank. Also... how dangerous are octopus? Should I be consirned dealing with one?
:welcome: to TONMO wastememphis. You should probably get a bimac since they are less known to escape and come out during the day. You should'nt be concerned having one unless you get a blue ring which is the only octo that can kill humans.
You'll want the 29 gallon tank or larger, a protein skimmer, wet dry or canister filter, an R/O filter and live rock. They will eat they're tankmates unless they're echinoderms like urchins, brittle stars..
As for keeping the octo in, I just duct taped my tank and put a heavy paper weight on top.
Cycle the tank with some damsels, mollies, baby clowns etc for three months.
Good Luck!
It has neuro toxins in its saliva I think, I wanted one at first but got a bimac...

Here's a few pics of both species,...

link 1

link 2

I would'nt get a blue ring though, they don't always have the beutiful rings, only when they're really pissed, and if you keep making it show its rings, one of you won't live much longer. Also, most are sold as adult with like, a month to live and have a tendency to escape.
hey... alright, how big do the octopus you reffered me to have, get? how long do they usually live? I'm going to go my lps today and get a tank and try and set it up with coral... or something untill i think i'm ready for the octopus... but did you say i could put a urchint in it?? i dont know many but i saw one that was black... the size of a golf ball and had a whole bunch of spikes comming off of it... would i be able to put that in there? or how about the lighting for the octopus... does it need little lighting which would limit me to what plants or rock i can put in the tank??
They get like, 15 inches from tentacle to tentacle ( correct me if i'm wrong) and live from a year to a year and a half.

If you get an urchin, make sure its spikes are'nt pointy, look for something like a pencil urchin.

Lighting shouldn't be a problem, octopusesesesesesses would rather have no light at all, but if you need light then keep it under 9 hours a day.
The venom of the blue-ring is called maculotoxin which is a kind of neurotoxin.
You can purchase a Bimac from , as for the urchin, just get something with blunter spikes. You might also want to put in a bristle or serpent star like other people here do as octos are messy creatures and the stars will help clear up the tank.

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