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Getting started with a bimac

Aug 7, 2004
hey i want to get a bimac octo and was wondering if i can have a emporer 400 power filter in my 30 gallon also if i have to have a skimmer also how much live rock do i need also how do u seal a tanks and last a supid question i was reading something about a bimac and said u can bond with them does that mean u can touch them
Hello Clowny123 and :welcome:

Unfortunately 30 gallons may be a bit too small for an octo. Including the live rocks there would not be so much room left for it to move.
Also a bigger tank has the advantage of more stable temperature and water values in general.

Nancy recently wrote a nice article about caring for an Bimac.

Take a look at it here: Cephalopod Care

There are many helpful articles like the one mentioned above in this forum which deal with the tank setup for a Bimac. Just have a little look around :smile:
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

You need to read some of our Ceph Care articles to get more information about keeping an octopus. Click on the Ceph Care button above, and have a look at the Bimac Care Sheet, the Equipment List, and the Checklist, for a start.

We're recommending 50 gallon tanks for bimacs - some of them get larger, and a 30 is a little cramped.

Yes, you can gain the trust of your octopus and touch it. Actually, they like to be petted. My bimac liked to be rubbed under her eyes. (The first time you touch each other, it's likely to scare both of you!) Here is a pic of me touching Ollie.

If you don't have a sump and your equipment is hang on (and yes, you have to have a protein skimmer), it's harder to seal the tank. You may have to work with acrylic and duct tape, allowing some ventilation (maybe covering that area with mesh).

ok well could i ceep it in a 30 for a little while also can i go to a glass place and get it cut for my tank and where should i get it Fishsupply or octopets which shipping is cheaper
You need to make sure your tank is well cycled and mature - octos cannot tolerate ammonia. If you're not sure what cycling is, please ask.

Also, some advice Colin gave a long time ago - make sure you have a source of shrimp and crabs located before you buy an octo.

Assuming that your saltwater tank has cycled and is ready, you'd have to start the larger one cycling soon in order to have it ready when the bimac was larger, so it's better to start with the right size, unless you have a lot of tanks and can switch around easily.

also i have had my tank set up for a long time and but when i set up my tank about 2 years ago maby more i used tapwater but i used this stuff that removed tap crap as i would like to say well is my water ok
Please take the time to read the articles carefully.

No, you can't use tap water and additives.

You need to buy or make RO (reverse osmosis) water, even better RO/DI water. You can buy this from your local fish store and elsewhere.

You need to look at the ongoing costs of keeping an octopus - water, salt, food and decide whether this is the right time for you to start thinking of an octopus.

This is the sort of research that you'll have to do yourself. Prices may vary according to where you buy it. Approximately 30 to 40 cents/gallon, I'd say.

Hey man you should really do some research and for what you are asking you should really do a lot. Please dont be one of those people who rushes out to do something, spend at least a week researching, if not more.
Hi ebaynes and welcome to TONMO.com!

The advice you're giving is good. Before even considering getting an octopus, you need to have researched everything about keeping a saltwater aquarium and have read all the articles on keeping an octo.

I think it's also important to visit a local fish store and look at equipment, if you're new to salt water aquariums. You need to price everything. You need to locate sources of possible food for your octo, as well as RO/DI water.

In sort, this isn't something to hurry into.

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