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general tank help ?'s


Jun 29, 2008
well after reading through the posts on here and getting fired up again about cephs i think i might take the plunge here in a few months but just want some help with my set up.

i currently have a 90 gal reef that has been going for about a year now, and i have had a 15 gal reef going for quite some time, around 3 years. here is what i am thinking, i have a 65 gal rr just chillin on a stand right now begging to be used, i was going to plumb it into my 90 reef so i could use the skimmer and refugium for this tank and help cut down some costs. i know my skimmer can handle the new bioload i just didnt know if anyone else is doing the same thing. but i have a question about lighting. i want soft corals in the tank since it seems that they are the main type that can cohabitate with the cuddle. but would a 4 bulb t5 light be too much for the cuddle, or should i just use PC. i would prefer to use the t5 set up but just wanted some help here. also, i think that i know the answer to this one, but can anything else be kept with the cuddle, like star fish, urchins? thanks, i am sure i will need all kinds of help to come:smile:
:welcome: to TONMO! I'm pretty sure cuttles can tolerate bright lights without any problems, but you should wait for answers from the real cuttle gurus. It sounds like you're on the right track, though...
4 t5s would be fine with Sepia Bandensis. My system is a 150 with 28" height and I use 3x250w halides, and 4 supplemental 39w T5s. Rock work can be made to create many different shaded areas so the cuttles can have the option of being in the dark at any time.

Plumbing the system together is fine. More water volume = stabler. However, you will have to keep in mind that if you introduce any parasites or pests in one area, your whole system can be contaminated. So be sure the food source for your cuttles is a good one. Also really be sure your skimmer can handle the load. A cuttlefish is large waste producer. They eat a lot, poop a lot, and leave shrimp heads lying around... Star fish, and non needle like urchins are good inhabitants. You can also have hermits and snails for a clean up crew. No shrimps or basic crabs for they will be the food of choice for cuttlefish.
thanks for the help! i was hoping that i could put something in there to add some other type of life. the S. Bandensis were what i was hoping to work with, my girfriend wont let me get one unless it is captive bred. thank goodness for this site:wink:. as for my skimmer i am running an msx 200, which can handle 175 gal of water heavliy stocked according to a guy off another site. so i am confident that it will be ok.

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