Gday from Australia


Pygmy Octopus
Mar 1, 2007
G'day everyone :smile: my names Riley from Adelaide, Australia. Currently I only keep FW fish (discus mainly and some rairer american cichlids) and a few other bits and pieces. I am very amazed by Cephalopods and have been for many years. Thought I would join up with this forum, have a browse and hopefully get a much better understanding of Cephalopods. Maybe in the near future I will setup a marine tank and try my hand with something new.

What Cephalopods are readily available in Australia to buy? Are they pricey? (I imagine so). Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thats enough from me :smile:
Welcome! We can't keep discus too well here in AZ (8.2 on the hard scale), but rift lake cichlids are a up some pics when you get a chance.

Welcome Bundy! You've definitely come to right place for advice. Hope you enjoy your stay.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys :smile: I will get some more recent photos of my discus, geos, plecos etc. within the next week when my 85gal (5ft) is setup.

So can anyone tell me where abouts in Australia you can buy octopus, squid or cuttlefish? I've probably caught 200 squid and cuttlefish before :P (always fishing) but is that how most people get theirs? I haven't seen them before at LFS.

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