Gardening again !

Apr 8, 2004
Two weeks ago Mrs. B is hoiking out small hole in da garden for a shrubbery or two & 6 inches (152.4 mm) down, up pops a Toarcien Orthildaites douvillei. No prepping required, just a quick scrub with a toothbrush et voila, easy peasy !




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You lucky devil Keef - I'm still looking for my Yorkshire hildaites (amongst quite a few other species aswell) The only things that pop up when I'm pulling up shrubs in my garden are unmentionables left by Jasper, my neighbours cat.

Awesome. Well done Lady Varinia!

I trust you used a specially reserved toothbrushoceras to clean it, not your everyday mouth dento-scrubapurifier-o-matic.

Excellent find; you really are living on a positive ancient cephalopod geyser!
glad you all like it !
Phil, standard denticular amalgamation remover does the trick & today another Toarcien treasure broke surface but in my novice status, I'm not sure whether we're dealing with a nice big piece of bone or just vegetable matter :confused: , I'll clean it up a bit more then try & find out somehow. :grad:
Kevin will know, Kevin knows EVERYTHING !


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