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Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
6PM Saturday night, I was given the brillant idea, to go do a water change on G2's tank. I must admit, I am a little overdue. So I changed the carbon, took apart the Eheim and in the process broke the white thing in the middle of the impellar. No panic yet as I have spare Eheims, so I yacked out another impellar, put it all back together, filled the canister and there's this monster grating noise with no water pumping. At this time, it's now 7:35PM Sat night. So I jump in the car run to a petshop I know who thank goodness has hours till 8 and would wait for me, got the part came back, after 3 more times of empyting the Eheim finally got it running correctly. During all this time G2 has decided all my tools I use are toys, so proceeded to grab my syphon, stalk my hand and sit where I really didn't want him to sit, so I couldn't finish the tank! After all was said and done, G2 was very cooperative for some pics. Moral of this story....don't work on your tanks at 6PM on a Saturday night unless you are sure there is an available petshop for just in cases!!!!!
Still a photo ham, isn't he?? Great pics...glad you solved your impeller problema !
Sounds just like a kitty. No wonder Jamaicans refer to them as "sea cats" - always right in the way of what you're trying to do!

Erich :octopus:

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