Fun apparel

Seems the thong is available in "Junior" size, only. This is totally unacceptable, because it means I'll never see Nigella Lawson wear-

Never mind.

That's cool Sedusa, quite tempted myself.

Here's a good un' a friend made for me for my birthday. He's a very talented fellow and managed to combine the cinema poster of 'Das Boot' with some Cambrian period Burgess Shales animals.

Don't ask.
Well jeez, Tony...where is the classic Tonmo thong??? :lol:
Come on Kat, have Steve snap a shot!
I'm thinking you should branch out into the "funny" market. You could have the Tonmo logo on the front pocket area and then a funny slogan on the back... something like

Cephalopodologists do it squirts!
Teuthologists do it til it squirts is kinda catchy, how about a shirt that says "8* inches of muscle" on the chest and on the back have a picture and name of Loligo opalescens

* 8 inches being an estimate, probably bigger right? all i could find were mantle lengths... 19cm for males, whihc came out to about 7.5in.... anyone know the total length? and of course the asterik is mine and not in the design...
That is one whacked out lookin' cuttle.
I have this problem where I refuse to buy Tshirts because I am trained in serigraphy (aka screenprinting) and if I had shop access could make any T I see on my own, for much, much less. Hence, Tony, don't be offended that I personally have not made purchases from the TONMO shop, as my stubborn practicality dictates that I cannot. :wink:

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