Steve O'Shea

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Nov 19, 2002
One slightly used teuthologist, moderate mileage, house trained, free to good home.
....if I throw in 4 cats would it make a difference (only 3 properly house-trained). That little white she-devil no-longer kitten left quite a surprise for me on the rug that I step onto fresh out of the shower this morning! Had to wash between my toes (can't remember when I last did that actually).
.....I'd not trade the 5th Kat, although there are times when I'd like to nail her feet to the floor (but that's another story altogether).

Just changing circumstances in NZ that's all.

... as an aside, I'm listening to Neil right now
I think that if you've worked so much and published so much lately, you probably work well even if you can't listen to music together. The papers you posted recently make me curious to read more on that mythical day when I have nothing else to do. :lol:

I have dreams of living on a coral atoll; I think a return trip to Port Villa, Vanuatu is in order; anyone want to house and cat sit for a couple of weeks?
I'd Kat sit anytime :biggrin2:
sounds like you need a good vacation to clear out those Neil D. tunes from your mind!
I can sympathize with the cat and toes thing...Shanlyn is out of town, so her cat decided to "yack" on the bed last night. So much fun to wake up to!!!
Best Wishes, Herr Doktor!
Could it be the winter doldrums?? Hopefully, everything will right itself for you soon! Hate to see any Tonmo-er be sad :frown:

I'd love to have a teuthologist installed in my home, but I'm afraid it might clash with the poet I had installed last year. As you know, poets are both clean and warm and most are far above the norm (whether here or on the roam, have a poet in every home). Perhaps I could exchange my bloody daffodil Wordsworth for a Tennyson, but then I'd worry about fights breaking out when he declaims his "Kraken" verses.

Ah the heck with it. I'll arrange for shipping the teuthologist and his feline minions, in exchange for a guarantee that the teuthologist will not play recordings (or sing accapella renditions) of "Song Sung Blue." I've painful associations of that song with an ex-girlfriend.


We have a phrase down here in NZ that goes "I'm a box of fluffys" - same sort of thing as a 'happy camper', although I understand that a 'box of fluffys' has quite a dfferent meaning in the UK (so a little bird told me)..... and 'happy camper' might have a different meaning in different circles also. Let's just say that everything is 'fine, fine, fine'.

Why would it be anything but fine .... tiz 7am and Neil Diamond is playing away in the background. Life just doesn't get any better than this!

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