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FREE Octopus to good home!


Jul 21, 2004
I was accidently sent two octopus by mistake! I had ordered a baby bimac from Marine Depot Live. The first package arrived on Tuesday and was not a bimac and not a baby either! Then today I get another package and it was a baby bimac. I called them and they said it was a mistake but I could keep them both. I can't care for this octo now because I only have one 50g tank for my bimac. I have pictures of him and I will post them as soon as I get a chance. His arms are about 4" long with a 1.5" mantle. He is not a bimac, and he is dark to light brown and sort of rough looking but he can also change to like a brown/green and yellow pattern. I have looked at a lot of pictures online but I have not found any of him yet. When I post the pictures maybe someone can ID him.

Please understand that I would rather give him away here then give him to the LFS so someone can buy him and put him in their community tank! I live in Los Angeles and would prefer someone who I can give him to in person but I would be willing to ship him too. My mine concern is just the well being of this amazing animal. I will give him away for FREE so respond soon if interested!
I wish I could have that octo, but I don't have the resources right now. I hope anyone who wants this octo has read the ceph care articles so they know what they need to give it a good home!:smile:

An id would be good also, because it could grow up to be a larger species that may need a large tank.






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