Fossils (found by accident)

May 14, 2003
I found these fossils in a display case whilst searching for a functioning loo at the college I'm visiting here in the USA. :ammonite: It's called "Cephalopods then and now". I know you see these things in museums, etc, but I thought it was interesting to find them at a college!

Phil sounded relatively excited about them :indiffer: (Phil looking excited, (only joking Phil))and so I took pictures, I took lots, but here's 9 of the best. If you can't read the labels, take the brightness and contrast down in your image viewer. If that doesn't work, I'll go back and read it and tell you what it said.

I wish I could find such stunners on my way to the loo!!!

Perhaps I'd best get a few display cabinets up at work (with all arrows to the loo pointing down :smile: )
Thanks for that Moog; some lovely specimens there and that's a cool wallchart. I don't think there is anything there that is especially remarkable as the Parkinsonia ammonites, the goniatites and the polished Orthoceras nautiloids are commonly available via fossil dealers.

Having said that, that Acanthoscaphites (your Big Ammonite) is a beauty!

Still, they are all interesting to look at, though!
Moog & Phil,

I sense that we are veering into what the hyper-therapized would call "sibling power differential issues."

Moog, back up a bit: you did find a functioning loo, didn't you?


Thankfully, yes, the only one of three that was working, although people over here are confused when I use the word "loo" rather than "bathroom"!

I sense that we are veering into what the hyper-therapized would call "sibling power differential issues."

What's one of those then? He is older than me, and does know lots and lots of stuff about all sorts of things, but I can cook marginally better than him and don't wear dodgy 1940's uniforms.

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