[Fisheries News]: NZ Squid Fishery Report

hmmmmmmm! That's very interesting! Kerry and I (well actually mainly Kerry!!) have been talking to our local fishers and they reckon there's not much around! So i wonder where these ones have been! Normally we can see all the jiggers from the city and there has been absolutely nothing this season! Kerry's hoping to get out soon, I'm gonna tag along (ANYTHING is better than writing my thesis!!) so we'll let ya know what we see!


J :?
Is it an interesting coincidence that we've had a number of sightings of these large, spherical squid egg masses by divers?
an interesting footnote is that the southern trawl fishery for squid has just been closed for the season as the trawlers have caught more than their quota of sealions, they caught 79 (they're "only" supposed to catch 72!!).

Hi Tony,

Thanks for that, I just couldn't put my finger on the info!!

The squid fishers challenge every year and every year they lose!!

Another interesting note, it's only those vessels that have observers onboard that ever catch sea lions :!: Obviously having a scientific observer on board acts like a sealion attractant :lol:


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