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Fish with an Octo

Jul 15, 2005
I was just wondering if there would be a problem with keeping smaller fish with an Octo. I was thinking maybe damsels or cromis. Something cheap something small. Would there be any problems for the Octo? I wouldn't want to scare it or give it indigestion.

Ps talking about a Bimac from Octopets in the future
Hi Chipdog,

We don't recommend fish with an octo - some of them bother the octopus. Damsels are known to go for the eyes and any fish can cause the octo stress, especially when the octo is smaller. If the octo is larger, it will eat the fish.

You also don't know the history of the fish, whether it has been treated with copper. Octos should never eat a fish treated with medicine containing copper. That's why we don't recommend using feeder fish as food.

It you want something else in your tank, you could have a small serpent star or a small pencil urchin. An octopus tank should be a species tank, a tank just for the octopus.

Thanks for the info. Seems like a no brainer now :biggrin2:
I wasen't looking to get something in there for me I was just thinking some fish hunting would be good for the Octopus.

Thanks again

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