fish pics

I'll start it off with these:

BTW, how do you post pics with a preview, I wasn't able to just copy and paste.


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Nice finds! If you have or can save off the pics in a picture format (instead of word) you can upload them like the ones you have been seeing. If you click on the Go Advanced button (below) and look just under the text entry block, you will see a button labeled Manage Attachments. Click it and you will open a new window that will let you browse your own computer for up to four pictures to up load to the forum entry. we go

anyone know what type of octo this is, I love the colors


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I love baby boxfish(cubicus)

Cool Cuttle

That was my shrimp named Shrimp


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thanks! It is a canon eos rebel XT with a tamron 18-250mm lense. I also have a UV filter and polarizer filter on it. I think i may have used a +10 macro filter for the ricordea shot (that is why it is blury)
Thales nice harlequins! what are you shooting with?
just a ?

just a quick question! with your harleys do you have to feed them starfish? and will they eat all starfish in the tank? i want a pair for my reef. but i'm not sure how destructive they are.
Yes, the will eat all the starfish, but not brittle or serpent stars. The linkia they are on in the pic has been dinner for about 2 weeks now.

I am shot that with a D70 and nikkon 105 vr micro. :smile:
If you have the capacity to keep a few stars in the tank the shrimp may jump back and forth feeding on different stars giving the others time to heal. In a large enough tank you can have an unlimited food theory at least haha!
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