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First time Questions


Jul 20, 2004
Well, I've been perusing this site and it's full of wonderful information.

Like many posts, this is my first and it's going to be full of questions.

My friend works at Petco, and says he'll help me out with my purchase, so I made a list of things.

  • [*]---55 Gallon Tank
    [*]---20 gallon feeder tank. He mentioned something about me having to get this tank tapped in order to be used as a sump, are there any that come pre-tapped?
    [*]---Arganite. I asked him about live rock, and they don't carry it. He said arganite does the same thing. I wasn't sure about this, and will track down live rock if necesary
    [*]---Protein Skimmer
    [*]---Filter System
    [*]---Salt Water Test Kit
    [*]---Places to hide.

I'm sure I forgot stuff, so please let me know

As far as the filter system and protein skimmer go, can anyone recommend some? Also, are there any good on-line stores specializing in this stuff?

I'm sure I'll have more questions later, but thanks for now!
I've gone over the equpiment lists and checked out some personal setups.

I'm just overwhelmed by the amount of choices out there. It's hard to weed the bad from the good.

I went and talked with my friend today. He advised me of a larger aquatic store nearby, but gave me some advice.

He recommended two products, a Fluval 404 filter system and a red sea prizm protein skimmer.

From what I've read the Fluval seems to be a good choice, an the prizm just needs to be adjusted properly?

Also, he said with that setup on a 55 gallon tank I probably wouldn't need a sump. I understand the convenience, but I really don't have the room for it.

Any suggestions?
New Question

I was talking to my friend and he has a used Fluval 404 and a small 20gal tank he could sell me for a GREAT price.

If I purchased that from him, and then a new Fluval, could I use those to transfer water from a main tank to a sump?
I was looking over your list. Live rock is available by mail, although that may be somewhat inconvenient. Most - if not all- of us have live rock in our tanks as part of the filtration system, to make the tank look natural, and to provide good places for the octos to hide.


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