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first octo set up


Apr 3, 2005
im new to this whole octopus keeping so please keep it simple for me i know the basics as i have my nano reef so i know all about para meters are.
anyways some questions for use.
alright i just downgraded my reef tank leaveing me with a spare 50 gallon tank.And as ive always been intrested in octopus but just never had a spare tank which needs doing something with (mum moaning) asap i think an octopus would be right.
the stuff i have is
the tank 50 gallon
external power filter
air pump
aqua medic biostar skimmer
what else would i need and i can really be to nought stuff as im 13 and how would i seal the top off so he cannot get out.
anything else i need now
oh and is their anything else i could keep with.
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

You'll find some interesting articles on our Ceph Care page that will give you more information. Just click on the Ceph Care button above.

Have a look at the Equipment List (which touches on more than equipment) and also the Checklist. I doubt if you'll be getting a bimac, since you're in the UK, but you might have a look at the Bimac Care Sheet anyway.

You have a good start on the equipment you'll need. As for making the tank escape proof, you'll need a cover for the tank. Many of us use duct tape to secure the cover.

Sounds like a good tank to start keeping octos in ! Like Nancy said, be sure to read all of the articles...they will answer most of your questions, and Nancy and Colin will fill in any extras you have...
Glad to have you here!

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