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first bimac


Blue Ring
Jan 7, 2003
well i got my first bimac yesterday. and when i got him he was eating a turbo snail. so i know he was eating. he is medium sized. and he has eaten one ghost shrimp and now he is eating a hermit crap and another turbo snail. he is really cute and i have some video of him i would love to share. but i have one question. i have a prizm skimmer on and 90lbs+ of liverock in the 55 gallon and can i take the fluval canister filter off? well here is a video. well i cant upload it so ill put it on my site later

Congrats on your new octo! I don't know what the experts will say, but if I were you I'ld leave the fluval on , espacially if that's your only filter besides the skimmer.

He looks really big! What are measurements? ENJOY!!!!!!

Hi again

what ever happened with the baby cuttles? Any luck with them?

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