Finally got Rupert


Oct 19, 2004
finally got my first octo. ive been plannin it for a while. hes still so small but is already getting to know me and come out when i come in the room


nah i didnt get him from octopets. i was going to but i talked to my boss (i work at the lfs) and he got a tank bred bimac for me for around the same price octopets sells them for. plus i didnt havta pay shipping :smile:
I'm adding Rupert to the List of Our Octopuses (top of the Journals and Photos forum)!

I suspect that Rupert does come from Octopets but took the long way round to get to you.

Nice pics, too.

thats actually a random polyp rock my dad wanted out of his reef cuz it wasnt opening so i traded him a coral from my other tank and put that in here still hasnt opened tho i figure i want sumthing with color in there so im putting some polyps and mushrooms
What sort of light do you over your octo tank? I have burgundy mushrooms in my little invertebrate tank and have been thinking of trying one in the larger tank.

i have a single strip of 2 - 36 watt power compact i bought it a long time ago from a friend he said it was corallife but it def isnt that so idk wut company it is
Oh and I am also certain Nancy is right about him originally coming from Octopets, since they supply every other online company, who sells Bimacs.

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