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Filtration Order

Jul 24, 2003
Right Im losin the plot here folks an you may pull me back or send me over the edge!!

Can you give me your thoughts on the order of filtration in a sump......

1) Mechanical Filter for big lumps of poo an suckers etc

2) Skimmer for poo and ink (wont the ink and poo happen in mech? or not all?)

3) Fuge for phosphates etc

4) carbon & antiphos agents i.e. fluidised beds

5) return pumps

The reason I ask is i notice my skimmer isnt doin much lately with a fairly well stocked tank so my mechanical filter which is first is picking up if not most of the poo (i think)

Your thoughts would be appreciated

Howdy! I think the mech filter is picking up the majority of the solid waste, and there isn't much for the protien skimmer to do. I am not certain that the mech filter would take care of the ink, it may "slow it down" but the skimmer and carbon would definately be the filtering medium for the ink, if in fact there is any in your tank. Sounds like you have a very efficient system running. What kind of bioload are you running, is it larger orgs or are there a bunch of smaller critters. I think you have to take into account the number, and efficiency of the deutritovores (sp?) that are present, and the depth of your substrate. In closing, I would like to thank the academy... sorry going off on another daydreaming tangent. You may have hit on the perfect combination of factors, the kind of ocean enviornment that we all view as the holy grail. Good luck!

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