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Science Research project

I think(only think, wait for clarification) that switching on the LEDs should be fine. Unfortunately as cuttlegirl has pointed out, the cuttles cannot get the right nutrition from brine, I know you have heard this many times but just bear with the reminder one last time. I think freeze dried should be fine if there is a current that moves the mysis to simulate movement, because cuttlefish mostly rely on eyesight to get their food. If your parents really want you to try using brine, you could refer to the posts here or separate two cuttles and feed one brine and one mysis, though I really wouldn't suggest that.

Good luck!
Been kinda busy but you guys will be happy to hear that I have started a test with feeding, I put in a full sized mysis shrimp (was fozen, thawed it), head and all last night and I come back to the tank this morning to only the head of the mysis shrimp which is awesome, especially because it shows how easy these guys can be fed instead of selling an arm and a leg just to feed these guys for the first month. I have put in some more mysis shrimp (they are laying on the bottom of the net breeder, where the last bit of mysis was located) I will attach a photo of the before picture and by tomorrow, I'm expecting a lot of the shrimp to be gone by tomorrow and I will take another picture and post it to allow you to see how much they have eaten. I was looking into ordering the pods but since this discovery, I have determined that I will not need any.


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Nice! So glad your little cuttle is feeding well! Is there a current that makes the mysis move or was the mysis unmoved by any current? If the cuttle took the mysis and it wasn't moving, then frankly I'm quite surprised.
It would be very nice if this would work out but I am quite skeptical. Mine still won't take dead unless I hand feed and wiggle it. Additionally, the frozen are usually far too large for newly hatched cuttlefish. Expectations from other keepers are that this will not work but all would love to be proven wrong. Please continue to post results regardless of the outcome.
School just started this week as well as soccer just picked up too, so I apologize for how long it took me to reply. Ok, so update time, I now have 8 cuttlefish with 5 eggs that are still swollen and I can see the cuttle in them. I did order 'pods so no worries with food anymore. Another thing about the frozen mysis on the bottom of the net, I put more on the bottom and they ate all of it but the 'pods do seem to go much faster than the frozen. With the 'pods, I got algae, this was the only way I could acquire free shipping without paying the minimum which wasn't even mentioned. I will attach the picture of the algae and my 'pods tank. The 'pods came on these white sponges, which was very helpful as instead of me having to catch them, I just have to pick up one of the sponges and shake it out in the net, I also put some chaeto in the net, which the cuttles seem to love, they all congregate near or even inside of the chaeto ball. Now, the cuttlefish are just over a week old. From what I can see, once I get past the one month mark, they should be relatively easy to feed as that is the ideal time to introduce frozen.... Right?




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