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Fertile and infertile eggs


Pygmy Octopus
Jan 27, 2005
I had bought a new octopus about three weeks ago. He produces eggs and attached the eggs in a corner of his tank about 2 days after I bought. After about 2 weeks, there is a black spot appearing on every eggs. Does anyone can tell what does these mean? (although I know the answer will come after one more week)
Thanks Nancy. I also agree with you because the eggs gets bigger and swallowed up now. Is there any cases you know that anyone can have few can develop into individuals? I had read some of the information that the mother will die after the eggs hatch and stop feeding after laying the eggs. But my octo mother keep on feeding everyday. How come?
I have read that octo mothers stop eating after egg laying, but we've had many cases where they continued eating quite well. So please continue feeding her! Maybe it's just that many won't leave their dens with the eggs, so they have no opportunity to find food. If you provide it for them, they can keep up their strength.

Yes, there is a slim chance that you can raise the hatchlings. How long are the eggs?

thanks for your quick reply. The eggs are about 3 weeks old. Totally four raws. Can you give me some tips on what to do before and after the hatchling?
It would help to know what species of octopus you have if thats possible (they are quite tricky) and also how big the eggs are. If they are over 1cm in length then you have a chance as the young will be relatively large, otherwise they will be tiny and practicly impossible to rear I think...
Andy, really sad to hear this. She is probably an asia species and it is small. The eggs is tiny as well (about 1mm for each). I found my octo mother die this morning. These imply something must happen on the eggs. I found there is no difference at the beginning. But when I watched the eggs precisely, there are thousands of small octo walking along. Ther are very very tiny, not freely swim in the water, but walk along the grass, just like thousands of spider. They are some white in color, some transparent. Although I think they are difficult to rear, I will try to feed them like what I did to Discus baby.
I had tried to cut some strimp vertically into half and place into the bottom of the tank. The octo larvae seems to accumulate onto the meat of the strimp. I'm not sure whether they are feeding on the meat. Anyway I'll try to buy some amphipod to feed them later this afternoon

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