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feeding question

Aug 15, 2005
i have observed over the past week that my cuttle doesnt like to eat during the day, i have only seen him eat once, even though he has over 20 pods in his net breeder. but the pods disapear, and he is growing, do s. bendensis feed normaly at night, or is my cuttle just skiddish under the MH lighting he is under.
All the bandensis I've had eat as long as their tank lights are on (be it day or night) and when their lights are off they seem more lethargic. But this may be due to the fact that there is no food for them in the tank, only when I come to feed them (I love watching them eat (: ). Whereas in your case they have food all around them and can eat at their own leisure.

Also, I've never kept a bandensis as young as yours and I don't know if they have any behavioural changes as they grow along..
I'd take out some of the pods. I flood fed and the cuttles didn't eat. Took the food out and only fed at meal times and their appitite improved.

Over time you will be able to feed during the day, but bandensis young seem to prefer only to be active at night. Feed at this time when they are most likely to take the food, but you'll find as they grow some, you could feed them every hour!!!
i have one of righty's as well.... it is growing fast and seems not be too picky as to time it eats. if there is a pod in the breeder net it doesnt last long....

i have reduced my lighting also i used to have 2 10k VHO bulbs and 2 actintic with dust and dawn setting. i have reduce this to 1 of each but kept the cycle. Mine definately is more active at night.

i have also added Live sand and a peice of PVC to the breeder net. it seems to enjoy it, even hangs out in the PVC or on the sand.
i am goin to do the pvc, not the sand, b/c once a week i clean out the breeder net as it gets algea groth on it. i think i might be my lighting, a 175 10k on a 25 gal tank, so i fassioned a cover on the net breeder that blocks out the direct light. i also removed all but one pod. my water parms are:
sal 1.023
ph 8.2
amn 0
nitrite 0
nirtate 30-40
temp 78-80

light cycle was 10 on 14 off but i may change it to 8, 16
yea i have 2 net breeders so one is always clean and can swap out.... the sand makes the bottom sag quite a bit, so with the next net breeder change i may try to put a peice of plexi to line the breeder first then sand. See if it likes that or not.

i know Paradox's spends a lot of time on the sand or buried, but i doubt his is a bandensis.
well i tried to feed him, and he didnt even act like he noticed the pod. he seems to be depresed if cuttles can be, with colorations of dark brown and red. he also just stays on the bottom of the net moving slowly.
The salinity may be a little low on your tank. I know righty and I keep the salinity at 1.026 which is what seawater is at.

Ive seen a couple babies die and noticed that they are usually white for a while and seem to change colors less and less. Near its end they seem almost transparent and you can see the white of thier bone. I would say that the reds and browns yours is showing is a good sign.

Has it eaten yet?
ok, nvm, i just fed him( i didnt feed him yesterday after i cleaned the net breeder) and i covered the net breeder with a dvd case, to shade him. well the pod was in the net for maby a second before he ate it, so from now on i will just feed him each pod seperatly.
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