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Feeder crabs


Mar 3, 2007
I have found a supplier of small crabs for Ozzie but obviously it works out cheaper to buy in bulk due to postage.I know I can put a few staright in with Ozzie but what is the best/easiest/cheapest way to keep the restuntil needed:grin:
Are they fiddlers? I have a 15 gal. tank run on a small wonder filter with an airpump that does just fine for housing extra food. If they are fiddlers I believe a critter pen with an inch of water, sand and places for them to get out of the water works. If you do a search I am sure this has been discussed on this site before so you should find lots of answers.
I keep my fiddlers for several weeks in a 2 gallon tank divided in half (the division was from a prior experiement but I have maintained the separation). There is a pico filter on each side and a piece of lava rock that allows them to "sun" themselves out of the water. I leave the water at about 3 inches to minimize escape and keep the rock to the center of the tank. I feed them a little marine dry food daily and change out their water occassionally :wink2: I rarely loose one but they are usually consumed within 2 weeks.

There is an uneaten one in my octo tank that has survived for 5 or more weeks without any special attention. I am not sure if it climbs in/on the overflow or simply stays submerged all the time.

I have also read that others just use a 5 gallon (salt) bucket.
I keep mine in the 'fuge of my aggresives tank. They get food from the DT. when they want out of the water they just climb up on the inlet pipe. I kept one in there for over 7 months (large male).
I was wondering if anyone has had success in hatching the eggs that they often come attached with? I received a shipment last week and several of them had eggs attatched. 3 weeks later and they are still there.
AprylWillis(TONM) reported that she had some hatch. She was not sure what they did to achieve the successful hatching but noted that they were kept in the dark for several day because of a house move. Paul Sachs(vendor) wrote (in reply to my query) that he never had any do so however.
I'm making a short trip to Bodega Bay Wed. morn to pick up some crabs for Creepy.
I'm not ready to ship just yet but anyone in the Sacramento area can contact me if they're interested in some small shore crabs.
We can make some kind of arrangement I'm sure.

Wish me luck!

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