Favorite ceph

Heh, I know what you mean... I did choose the octopus myself... this site is The Octopus News Magazine Online, after all... but it has always been about all cephalopods. They're all so interesting in their own ways.
:nautilus: :octopus: :squid: :meso: :ammonite:

Hmm we need a cuttlefish smiley... When does Tintenfisch get through with all these presentatoins, anyway? :smile:
I chose an Octopus myself...but have to say it's not an easy choice to make. Cuttles, squid, and Nauts are just as fascinating and beautiful....each having their own special traits. Oh heck, I'll take them all.
Octos, without question. Just because the *seem* more inteliigent to me. I favor them for being the next dominant species on the planet after out luck runs out. All those arms, just imagine the tools they might build!!

Cuttles are pretty cool, too.
I chose Octos because they are so very amazing!

When I first found TONMO I would have said Squid hands (arms/tentacles) down, but everyone here has opened my eyes to the incredible range of the cephworld. I never thought I would be so interested in cuttles, octos, nauts ancient cephs, Marine life, everything that ever crawled, swam, floated in the oceans.

Just fantastic!
I picked octopus since I worked with them and became kind of attached...but would have definitely picked Vampyroteuthis if given the chance. Who couldn't love something like a Vampire Squid?????
The octopus. Out of all the other cephs, I think that their the most versatile when it comes to what their capable of and how they cope with life. They amaze me the most and seem to be the most advanced in intelligence. Plus...they can squeeze through anything.
Difficult decision. Octopus won slightly over squid (particularly big crazy deep sea squid) just because they *seem* to have more personality.

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