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Experience with Bak-Pak 2


Blue Ring
Dec 13, 2002
I wished to know whether anyone has had any experience with Bak-Pak Skimmers, specificically the biological filtration , oxygenation, and protein skimming capabilities.

Thank you,
Michael O'Shea
Yup. Have one, it works. Thanks to live rock, I don't really need the biofiltration so that serves as a backup for me. If you lack live rock, I BELIEVE strictly the biobale will not be sufficient, that you should have wet-dry filtration in that case like a biowheel. Thought I had a reliability problem recently, but I figured out it was only a bit of calcium buildup in the venturi's air intake. Uses an easily replaceable powerhead, so if it fails (that's really the only part that might do so) it's cheap and easy to fix.

I can't compare it to others, as this is my first. I've heard reliable information that there are better skimmers out there (though naturally they're more expensive.)

Michael, I'm glad you made this post. I was reading about this same skimmer today, it seems pretty nice to me but I would also like to hear from anyone whose used them. John
Prizm Skimmers and Stainless Steel Heaters and Arag-Alive

Since I'm not using live rock, and instead using a biowheel for biologcial filtration, the Bak-Pak 2 seemed less appealing. I then found another protein skimmer, the Prizm skimmer, which found at Petco: Pet Supplies, Pet Food, & Pet Products Has anybody had any experience with this skimme? I intend to use in conjuction with Magnum 350.

In addition, I wished to know whether the use of a stainless steel heater would be harmful to an octopus. They seemed appealing due to their apparent durability.

Lastly I wished to know the difference between aragonite and arag-alive, and their usefulness

Thank you,
Michael O'Shea
About Saltwater Aquariums' reviews of HOT (Hang-On-Tank) protein skimmers. Red Sea Prizm is # 4 on the list:

Aquarium Reviews

Know little about stainless steel, sorry...I have a titanium grounding probe, but that doesn't really help you! :P I don't use my heater because of the lights, but it's glass.

Live sand mixed with some normal aragonite, since you're skipping live rock, maybe would accelerate your cycling...but then again, if you're trying to save money, I think you could just cycle the tank from scratch or maybe even get your LFS to give you a handful of sand from an existing tank?

Interesting review...thanks for the info! Let us know how the Remora works, if you go with that one. Sounds like a very capable skimmer, and especially a good one to have around if you ever plan to upsize your tank. I thought the note at the end about proper adjustment of the Bak-Pak venturi was very interesting...I've noticed precisely what they describe, though the way my skimmer is mounted I don't have as good a view of the collection chamber.


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